Monday Night Meeting Minutes

Hope Everyone is enjoying their Syllabus Week! Here are the minutes from the Monday Night Meeting incase you missed it!

Internship Opportunity…

  • —Herbal Sage Teas (distribution to local Athens business): Sales Intern
  • Unpaid and to start immediately
—If you are interested, please contact Dr. Axinn at 740-503-0308
Monday Night Meeting House Rules…
  • No cell phones while in the meeting
  • Try to sit by someone that you don’t already know
  • Treat this like a real sales meeting
  • Clean up your mess and push in the chairs when you leave
  • RSVP: Yes or No
  • Be respectful of others: do not speak while others are speaking
  • If you have a slide for the meeting, it must be sent to by 5:00 on Sunday evenings

RSVP Policy…

  • If you RSVP to an event and miss the event without a legitimate excuse or proper notice, you will receive a strike.
  • Strike 1= No longer considered for Ambassador’s Club for the Semester
  • Strike 2= No longer able to attend Outside the Classroom Events


  • If you have accepted a job or internship please send an email to with your picture, place of work, and position accepted
  • Start thinking about what positions you want to run for the Sales Centre! Both on CAC and on Cabinet

Life Long Learning Segment…

  • Fred needs volunteers for his new segments! One even includes a mini movie and he needs at least 8 people to help out!
  • If your interested in helping out Fred, please email him at

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