Monday Night Minutes

Hello Y’all! Here are the minutes from tonight’s meeting in case you missed it!



  • Kelsey Thomas: Race for Reason
  • •Run for a Reason 5k
  • •Help support Tom Starr and Miracles for Life
  • •Date:  April 27th
  • •Time:  9:45 am


  • Fluke Networks!
Congratulations to the new CAC for 2013-2014…

VP of Candidate Advancement: Fred Kumih

  • žLifelong learner:  Carly Antle
  • žCoach and Candidate: Andrea Kefalos & Harold Nuss
  • žPhilanthropy: Kasey Kileen
  • žToastmasters: Andrew Welsh
  • žWIS: Cali Schartman

VP of Communications: Katherine Pence

  • žAdmin: Shelley Schooler
  • žDiversity and outreach: Madeline Gall/Austin Jenkins
  • žHR: Caelyn Hartley
  • žPR and Marketing: Melissa Wells
  • žSocial Media/ Multi-Media: Anna Lawhorn

VP of Corporate Development: Josiah Myers

  • žOutside Sales: Brad Prezbieda & Laurel Monroe
  • žInside Sales: Kevin Zhang
  • žExsell: Tori Simikov
  • žCPR: Maria Kamlowsky & Elmer Plasencia

VP of Professional Development: Cassey Eck

  • žAdmin and logistics: Amy Pierce
  • žEvents Marketing: Ryan Murray/ Anthony Firironi
  • žFacilitation: Brittany Somerville
  • žAlumni: Mike Skoda


New and Old CAC

  • žUncle Bucks
  • žThursday, April 11th
  • žMeet in Peden Parking Lot by 5:00pm
  • žEvent starts at 6:00pm
Annual Awards Celebration
  • žMonday, April 22
  • ž6:00pm
  • žPlease RSVP if you receive an email
  • žBusiness Professional

Upcoming Events…

žToastmasters Tournament
  • žTOMORROW: Tuesday, April 2
  • žMaggie Davis Room, Baker 1st Floor 6:00pm
  • (off of West 82)
  • žSee Shawn immediately after the meeting if you would like to participate
ž4th Annual Mom’s Weekend Luncheon
  • žApril 7th, 2013
  • ž11:00 am – 1:00pm
  • žCopeland 112
Alumni Experience Day
  • žSaturday, April 13
  • ž8:30am-12:30pm
  • žCopeland Hall
  • žBusiness Casual
15th Annual Sales Symposium
  • žTuesday, April 23
  • ž9:00am-3:00pm
  • žBusiness Professional
  • žRSVP link should be in your inbox today
  • žJeff Gitomer will be leading the symposium
Coach and Candidate
ž2013-14 Sign ups
  • •Do you want advice and guidance from Professional Sales People?
  • •Do you want to get ahead of others pursuing a sales career?
  • •If these are two things you would like to do then Coach and Candidate is for you.



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