Communication Competency with Dr. Mark Orbe

The Schey Sales Centre had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Mark Orbe back to campus on Thursday, Oct. 10 for part one of the annual Communication Competency Workshop.Dr. Mark Orbe

Dr. Orbe is very special and no introduction can do his accomplishments justice. As an OU Alumnus with a B.S. in Organizational Communication and a PhD. in Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication Studies, Dr. Orbe has published many professional works.

His expertise in communication and the gaps that exist on a daily basis is the foundation for the two-part Communication Competency series offered to our sales certificate candidates. Realizing it or not, there will be gaps in communication within the work force after college graduation. This can come from differences in gender, age, ethnicity, etc.

Part one of the workshop helped those who attended have a better understanding of culture and communication. Candidates learned how to better improve daily communication styles while being mindful and accepting of people’s differences.

We are excited to say that Dr. Orbe will be back with us in January for part two of the Communication Competency Workshop.


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