Annual Sales Workshop: Mark Sellers

The Sales Centre’s Annual Sales Workshop was held Monday, Oct. 28 with the a focus on the topic of lead generation. The guest speaker for the evening was sales expert Mark Sellers.

Mark Sellers

Mark Sellers

According to his blog, Mark Sellers is an international sales consultant and author of the ground breaking book The Funnel Principle: What Every Salesperson Must Know About Selling and creator of The BuyCycle Funnel. Mark created the new funnel model that is defined by the customer’s buying process and aligns selling activities to customer commitment. In addition, Mark developed The Funnel Principle System™, a five step process for implementing a sales funnel management business process across an entire company’s sales organization. Mark consults and trains clients in Asia, North America and Europe.

During this workshop, sales certificate candidates took a look at the future of the salesperson’s role in generating leads for their companies. This analysis lead to the understanding the pivotal impact on the livelihood of a business that has a base in sales.
4 keys of understanding include:

  • how your customers buy
  • lead basics
  • the role of salespeople in lead generation
  • the role of marketing in lead generation.

Mark’s goals of lead generation include:

  • achieve revenue goals
  • achieve profit goals
  • gain awareness
  • increase sales
  • expand in to new markets

Mark discussed with candidates how customers today are unlike any before. Nowadays, customers have more information, more access, access 24/7, more connected via social media, and have lower trust. Salespeople are competing against all these new challenges.

Mark ended the evening with a new perspective for the sales certificate candidates to take with them.

“Sell the way customers want to buy… be relevant.” -Mark Sellers


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