Ambassadors Club Fall 2013

The following Sales Certificate Candidates went above and beyond by dedicating their time through our beyond the classroom activities. As we always say in The Sales Centre, “You only get back what you put in.” These students are the best of the best.

Ambassadors Club Fall 2013

Carly Antle

Hayley Bair

Erin Belka

Connor Briggs

Aaron Cook

Cassey Eck

Zach Ernstoff

Anthony Fiorini

Caelyn Hartley

Shawn Hostetler

Marquette Hovan

Maria Kamlowsky

Risa Katz

Andrea Kefalos

Jennifer Kerchner

Kasey Killeen

Fred Kumih

Anna Lawhorn

Jaimie Lipp

Erik Mason

Hayley McCandless

John Melick

Samuel Mercuri

Laurel Monroe

Ryan Murray

Josiah Myers

Harold Nuss

George Peck

Katherine Pence

Amy Pierce

Elmer Plasencia

Bradley Przebieda

Matt Rioux

Nicole Saltzstein

Kyle Saunders

Shelley Schooler

Nick Seekley

Bowen Shi

Matthew Simpson

Michael Skoda

Brittany Somerville

Stephenson Swan

Todd Tarney

Lynzee Tucker

Ann Watercutter

Melissa Wells

Andrew Welsh

Andre Whiteleather


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