2014-2015 Candidate Advisory Council

Thank you to everyone who applied and interviewed for a CAC position. All applicants and interviews were strong which made the decision making process difficult. Cabinet feels they have chosen the best candidates for the following CAC positions. Give a well-deserved congratulations to the 2014-2015 CAC members below!


Director of Ambassador’s Club
Andrea Kefalos

Directors of Diversity & Recruitment
Udit Sinha & Matt Solden

Director of Human Resources
Allie Kall

Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Jen Kerchner

Director of Social Media
Amanda Davis



Director of Coach & Candidate
Shelley Schooler

Director of Lifelong Learning
Garret Haptonstall

Director of Philanthropy
Tyler Polk

Women in Sales
Risa Katz & Shannon Dagg

Director of Toastmasters
Parker Raffel

Director of Social Events
Andre Whiteleather



Directors of Outside Sales
Andy Black & Mario Dean

Directors of Inside Sales
Caelyn Hartley & Cody Gaertner

Director of ExSell
Gregory Scott

Directors of Corporate Partner Relations
Connor Briggs & Jack Melick

Director of Research
George Peck



Director of Events Administration & Logistics
Ty Neff

Directors of Events Markeing
Marquette Hovan & Nikki Saltzstein

Director of Alumni & PSAB
Matt Turner

Director of Professionalism
Ryan Panovsky


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