Schey Leadership

Schey Leadership Breakdown

Within the Schey Sales Centre there’s a multitude of opportunities to advance both academically and professionally, especially in one of our numerous leadership positions. Here’s a quick breakdown of our unique leadership hierarchy.

Under the direction of our Chair & Vice Chair, the rest of Cabinet consists of the Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Professional Development, Vice President of Candidate Advancement, and Vice President of Corporate Development. The Cabinet oversees the Candidate Advisory Council. The Candidate Advisory Council (CAC) acts as the student voice within The Schey Sales Centre.

The Cabinet works with the CAC to plan and implement advancements within The Schey. They also delegate responsibilities to members of their individual divisions within the CAC to carry out various tasks and goals. The Cabinet encourages and inhibits growth among its own members, the CAC, and candidates within The Schey.

With various positions available, CAC gives candidates greater ownership of The Schey while providing invaluable leadership experience. CAC creates an environment for its members to engage and challenge themselves in their own learning.

Take advantage of the opportunities within The Schey Sales Centre to make the most of your experience.

If you’re interested in joining the Schey Sales Centre this semester, see below for application details:
Application deadline is Monday, September 8th at 3pm.

For more information, join us at our information sessions on Tuesday, September 2nd from 7-9pm in Copeland 104 and Wednesday, September 3rd from 7-9pm in Copeland 104.

See you all there!


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