Outside of the Classroom Sales Education

Anyone can go sit in a classroom and learn about sales, but how can you learn to apply it?

Our Director of Partnership, Allie Stalter, gave us some insight last night into some out-of-the-classroom opportunities within The Schey Sales Centre. Allie is a proud Schey Sales Centre alumni whose priority is to provide each candidate with the best opportunities and to advise you as a career coach. She strives to help you find the perfect place for you to thrive in your career.

With our many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, it is easy to learn and apply sales techniques. What exactly is it we offer, you ask?

Workshops. Our Communication Competency Workshop, Leadership Workshop, and Annual Sales Workshop are all excellent places to become an effective salesperson by learning and applying communication skills, leadership skills and sales strategies.

Toastmasters. A club within The Schey that helps you improve your public speaking skills. The goal is to help you remain calm, charismatic, and get rid of those “um’s, like’s and uh’s” when speaking in a professional setting.

Alumni Weekend. They sat in the seats our students are in today, and now they are successful in the workplace. They not only provide for a phenomenal professional network, but they also love to help you as a coach and mentor. We welcome our alumni back during the school year to meet and advise our current candidates.

Partner Night. We have so many fantastic companies who invest in our program with the intent to hire Schey students! Our Partners want to take you straight from your classroom and hire you for their company. Partner Nights are great opportunities for our candidates and Partners to get to know one another.

National Collegiate Sales Competition. Our sales students represent The Schey Sales Centre in competitions against other programs in the United States. This year they will be traveling to Florida and Georgia for some of their competitions. Our very own Ohio Sales Cup is a sales competition for Schey students to help prepare for the National Collegiate Sales Completion.

Account Managers. These students are how our business stays running. They keep companies updated and informed, talk to HR managers, and gain valuable connections in our partnering companies.


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