Interview Tips from Inside The Schey

With our Fall 2014 application deadline growing nearer… it’s time to start thinking about your interview! Be sure you go into the Schey Sales Centre office in Copeland 201 to complete your application and sign up for an interview time slot by 3 p.m. Monday, September 8th. Here are some interview do’s and don’ts from inside The Schey Sales Centre.



Dress business casual. A tasteful pencil skirt or dress pants, and an appropriate top is the preferred combination for the ladies. For the guys we recommend a nice shirt and dress pants is as your best option.

Speak confidently and coherently. Display charisma and thoughtfulness when speaking during your interview. Try not to talk too fast or too slow.

Write out your questions. This shows your preparedness for the interview. When you get the chance to ask your questions, write down the answers! This shows your interviewer your commitment to the opportunity.



Wear inappropriate clothing. Ladies – this means no leggings! Stay away from short skirts, bare shoulders, and low cut tops. Guys – stay away from shirts with logos.

Talk unprofessionally. While your interviewer may eventually become one of your best friends, it is important to keep your speaking professional. Do your best to also steer clear of “um’s, like’s and uh’s.”

And whatever you do, don’t freak out! This is a learning experience. Our goal is to help you grow professionally, and this is the first step! So take a deep breath, and kill that interview.


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