Congratulations Fall 2014 New Hires!

20120217_COB_Sales_center_career_fair005_rb (2)

We would like to extend an additional congratulations to our Fall 2014-2015 New Hire class! These students have successfully embarked on a path that will lead them toward their dream job after graduation. For those of you who are a new member of The Schey Sales Centre, here are some tips on how to get more involved and familiarize yourself with your fellow sales certificate candidates.

Attend Monday Night Meetings. Unless otherwise specified, we have meetings every Monday evening at 6:00pm in Copeland 104. This is the very first step to meeting new people and staying up-t0-date. Try sitting next to someone new every meeting.

Introduce yourself, a lot. You got into The Schey Sales Centre because you deserve it, so own it! Go up and introduce yourself to anyone and everyone you can to begin building your Sales Centre network. When you sit next to someone new, turn to them, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation!

Get involved. What you put in to The Schey is what you get out of it. We want to help make you the most professional and experienced sales candidate, so we encourage you to get as involved as possible beyond the classroom! From a leadership role to Toastmasters, or even our sales competition, there are endless ways to get involved at the Schey Sales Centre.

All of us at The Schey can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you, and we congratulate you again on making the best decision of your college career.


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