LinkedIn Seminar

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At our seminar last night, Jeff Cogan from LinkedIn taught some of our Schey Sales Centre candidates how to update and use their LinkedIn profiles more efficiently. Our candidates learned not only how to use their profiles to their advantage, but also how to target specific jobs and industries based on their profile content and through proper connections. Below are a few tips Jeff left us with after last night’s training.

  • Update your headline. It should portray who you are & what you want to be.
  • Keep your honors & awards updated.
  • Only use the courses section for classes & projects related to your field of study.
  • Get recommendations!
  • Only connect with people you’ve met or know.
  • Include a personal note when connecting.
    • Establish yourself with them; introduce yourself and your reason for wanting to connect with them.
  • Join a group, and follow companies you aspire to work for.
  • Be bold and show initiative.

The Schey Sales Centre would like to extend another huge thank you to Jeff for joining us last night! If you haven’t done so already, create your LinkedIn profile here to start connecting and networking with other business professionals.


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