Schey Story: Amanda Davis


I’m Amanda Davis, and I am a junior marketing major at Ohio University. This is my second semester as a candidate in the Schey Sales Centre, and I am the Director of Social Media in the Communications Division. I manage our Twitter and Facebook, while also coordinating our weekly blog posts. In other words, I’m the girl who gets excited when someone tweets @scheysales. Aside from the Schey Sales Centre, I am also an active member in my sorority, Chi Omega.

For an extremely brief history of my past two years at Ohio University, I came here knowing only a few people, and did my best to get as involved as possible. Even after signing up for all the random clubs at the Involvement Fair my freshman year, I still felt like I hadn’t found an organization that had the professional atmosphere I wanted. When my sophomore year hit, I still felt like I was missing something, until one of my close friends told me I should apply for the Schey Sales Centre. I did some research before applying, and needless to say I was intimidated, but even more excited. That’s when I knew I had to be a part of this program.

When I applied for my internship last Spring, I had only a semester of experience in The Schey. That semester fortunately worked wonders for me, since I got two job offers for the summer! Without this experience in The Sales Centre, I would have had a much more difficult time achieving these opportunities. I had an edge over the competition from practicing my Schey interview skills, having fellow candidates review my résumé, and getting tips from Schey alumni.

Being a part of The Schey is a lot more than a résumé builder or another weekly meeting to attend. For me it’s about the people I’ve met and all the opportunities I’ve been granted, and for these reasons alone I can’t thank this program or these incredible people enough.


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