7 Tips To A Successful Phone Interview

Within The Schey Sales Centre, students have worked incredibly hard to achieve valuable partner relations. Following a successful partner career fair a few weeks ago, many Schey students walked away with interview opportunities. Many of our students and partners also made arrangements to conduct phone interviews.

When seeking a job or internship, a phone interview is a great way to make a lasting impression on your interviewer. While phone interviews are often more convenient, this does not mean they are easy! Allie Stalter, our Corporate Relationship Manager, gave some great insight on how to prepare and act for a phone interview.

  1. Be ready early. Have your phone sitting in front of you at least ten minutes before the call.
  2. Make sure you are in a quiet space.
  3. Have your laptop open to Google with Internet Access for last minute help with difficult questions.
  4. Sit up and lean forward. Not on your bed, and probably not in your room either. If you are too relaxed and comfortable, it may show in your voice. Be alert and ready to make a great impression.
  5. Add the interviewer’s number to your phone. You can do this based off of their business card or email signature. It’s the best way to prevent receiving calls from random numbers, and running the risk of not answering or being unprepared.
  6. If you didn’t already have the interviewer’s number and you receive a call from a random number, answer the phone call professionally. Answering with “what’s up?” is not an appropriate way to answer a phone call with a potential employer.
  7. Have a professional voicemail. Professionally updating your voicemail takes only a couple minutes, and is well worth it to impress the interviewer.

Good luck to all of our Schey students with upcoming phone interviews, and thanks again to Allie Stalter for the great tips!


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