Exciting Time For ExSell

ExSell is relaunching – it’s an exciting time to get involved!

Our goal in ExSell is to partner with Ohio University events to sell business sponsorship slots. Our sales reps, recruited from Schey candidates and new hires, get the opportunity to go out into the Athens business community making contacts and selling sponsorships for events. Our reps will be responsible for prospecting, selling, and managing the business sponsorships they bring in. Reps get a complete view of the entire sales process and quantifiable experience to show to partners and other potential employers.

There are several advantages:
  1. It gives the reps real sales experience and allows our candidates to get involved. This looks great for getting on CAC next year!
  2. It allows for a larger budget for the events gaining the sponsorships, paving the way for bigger and better events.
  3. It drives revenue to the Schey so we can make our development workshops even better. Everyone involved wins.

We are looking to recruit passionate sales reps that are willing to prioritize this position and become a leader in ExSell. Ideal sales reps are candidates who are excited at the potential to help start something brand new at OU, will serve as a great representative of both the Schey and the event when reaching out to businesses, and will be motivated to always be learning and ready to give it their all. We’re looking for people with the drive to succeed – whether you are a new hire or have been a candidate in the program for four years. If you are interested in a sales rep position, please complete the application below.

The ExSell Application is due by Friday, October 17th at noon in Copeland 201. There is an interview process which will take place next week.

Meet The Directors

Greg Scott
Junior, Marketing Major from Strongsville Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I am the Digital Content Manager for the Schey and also in the business cluster – so needless to say my free time this semester has been limited. Some of the things I do to unwind include playing piano, either at Frontroom or by Baker Ballroom, and working out at Ping. In the summer I race sailboats on the Great Lakes, generally Lake Erie, as a bowman (the position at the very tip of the boat) usually on a 35-foot boat.

Haley Fox
Senior, Organizational Communication Major and Marketing Minor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from being involved in the Schey, I am VP Membership for Delta Gamma at Ohio University.  This year I lead Delta Gamma Zeta Rho through Fall Formal Recruitment and successfully added sixty new members into Zeta Rho chapter. Aside from my professional focused organizations and social organizations, I am an active member of A.G.E.S and volunteer frequently at The Laurels Nursing Home. In my free time I run long distance, either at Ping center or through Athens back roads. I also enjoy reading and spending time with my roommates.

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