What’s Happening in The Schey: Week of Dec. 1

Tonight was out last Monday Night Meeting of the semester, but our Schey Sales Centre Candidates are always working hard to reach their goals! Here’s what we have to be proud of this week:

Schey Recognition

Andrew Calangelo has accepted an internship with the Indianapolis Indians.

Laurel Monroe has accepted a full time position with LinkedIn.

Ambassadors Club
To be in Ambassadors Club, Schey Candidates must receive a total of 200 points through attending Monday Night Meetings, Outside the Classroom Events, and weekly meetings for Toastmasters or Women in Sales.

The following students have made it into Ambassadors Club for Fall Semester:

Katherine Abbott, Monica Acon, Ayla Apitsch, Erika Barth, David Baxter, Andrew Black, Ty Black, Amanda Breedlove, Haley Brown, Andrew Calangelo, Donimic Campanalie, Diana Chaidez, Gabriela Clarke, Tricia Connolly, Morgan Costa, Gregory Couch, Alexa Cuevas, Shannon Dagg, Mario Dean, Eric Eggleton, Zachary Ernstoff, Xun Fang, Pete Folz, Julie Ford, Cody Gaertner, Samuel Garr, Robert Gorney, Garrett Haptonstall, Troy Haren, Madison Harrington, Caelyn Hartley, Lauren Herron, Allison Holtman, Marquette Hovan, Mitchell Hovan, Sierra Humphrey, Greg Hunsucker, Bichelle Jeffries, Allison Kall, Marissa Kamlowsky, Risa Katz, Andrea Kefalos, Margot Kelley, Brad Kelly, Jennifer Kerchner, Josh Kill, Casey Kinsey, Austin Knisley, Chase Kosich, Kyle Kuba, Kyle Lavelle, Anna Lawhorn, Zachary Lors, David Mackay, Samantha Mahakian, DeJane’ Manuel, Josh Massie, Nicholas Mavros, Sam McKinley, Jack Melick, Jamie Mindek, Laurel Monroe, Ty Neff, Connor Nobbe, Chelunor Nwajei, George Peck, Makenzie Piatt, Amy Pierce, Tyler Polk, Emily Poyma, Alex Rado, Parker Raffel, Barbie Ramey, Lainey Ratliff, Lucas Rice, Adam Robertson, Patrick Roden, Ashley Rudolph, Geoffrey Ryan, Nicole Saltzstein, Mason Schoch, Shelley Schooler, Gregory Scott, Michael Seger, Marisa Sheppard, Catherine Shinn, Udit Sinha, Jacob Smith, Mathew Solden, Brittany Somerville, Athziri Soto-Pena, Antoine Spence, Luke Stevens, Stephenson Swan, Carley Terry, Dalton Tullius, Josh Tunis, Shelby Vargas, Mike Wheeler, Andrew Whiteleather, John Williams, Jr, Kyra Willner, Danielle Wilson, Jessica Wyatt, Pengzhan Yang, Erica Ytterbo

Schey Gives Back!

For Fall Semester, the Schey Sales Center has logged 50 hours of community service, and raised $95 for the Union Street Fire Relief Fund!

Congratulations to Udit Sinha, Pete Folz, Diana Chaidez and David Baxter on being the winning Mentor/Mentee group! They earned this by attending outside the classroom events, hanging out together outside of Schey events, interviewing with Partners and accepting internships with Partners.

Tom Starr Winners Fall 2014

Fall Semester 2014 Tom Starr Award Winners, Denali Stopp, Allison Kall, Matt Solden and Andre Whiteleather (L-R). Not Pictured: Udit Sinha

Tom Starr Awards
Tom Starr is an OU Alum who worked in Sales for IBM and Xerox, and he always gave back to the College of Business. He was one of the Founding Fathers of The Schey Sales Centre. He helped design it, worked on the PSAB from 1195 onward. He received two different kidney transplants in his life and created the non-profit organization Miracles for Life, which we still support today. He did everything he could to make this Sales Centre the best in the country

The Tom Starr awards are given to Candidates that go above and beyond their call of duty for the Schey.

This semester they are being awarded to:
Matt Solden and Udit Sinha for their dedication to recruitment efforts.
Andre Whiteleather for getting us more involved with the campus.
Allison Kall for killing it with the New Hire application process.
Delani Stopp for her hard work with getting the Quicken Loans trip put together.

Partner Corner

Partner Corner is our way of educating our candidates about our Partners and of recognizing our Partners. This week we are focusing on IGS Energy and Rocky Brands.

IGS EnergyIGS Energy: Headquartered in Dublin, OH.

IGS Energy, a natural gas and electricity supplier, is known for its energy expertise as well as its simple, clear customer solutions. It serves more than 1,000,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in 11 states across the US. The company was founded in 1989, and today employs more than 400 people.
Rocky Brands

Rocky Brands: Headquartered in Nelsonville, OH

Founded in 1932, Rocky Brands designs, develops, manufactures and markets premium quality Outdoor, Work, Western, Duty and Military footwear as well as Outdoor and Work apparel and accessories. The Rocky Brands family of brands includes owned brands ROCKY, GEORGIA BOOT, DURANGO, LEHIGH, CREATIVE RECREATION, and the licensed brand MICHELIN Footwear.

Partner Relations

We are hosting an event to recruit new Partners in Cleveland, OH at the Palmer Holland office. If you know any businesses in the area who may be interested please reach out to Stephenson Swan at Stephenson.Swan@gmail.com

Apex Systems Opportunity:
Who: Seniors
What: Shadow Days for Job Opportunities
When: December 1, 2, 10 and 11
Where: Dublin, OH
Time Requirement: 11AM-5PM
Email Allison Stalter if you’re interested in attending

Account Manager Opportunity! We are quickly signing on a lot more Partners and need more account managers to work as their point people. If interested send your resume to Jack Melick (jm638812@ohio.edu)

Additional Information Discussed:

Alumni Update
Alumni Directory: We’re working on a directory of all of the Schey alumni that everyone will be able to access
Fall Semester Newsletter: Will be out by the end of the semester
Alumni Experience Day: March 20-21

Events This Week:

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Night Meeting
Who: Everyone
When: 6 PM
Where: Copeland 104
Dress: Casual

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Coach and Candidate November Surveys Due
Who: All 32 Candidates
What: Fill out and submit your November surveys
Where: Online

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Recruitment Tabling
Who: Any Sales Centre Candidate willing to help out!
What: Table to help recruit new members
When: 11AM – 2PM
Where: Baker First Floor

Contribute to The Schey Blog
If you have a good idea for a blog topic, or would like to be a guest author on The Schey Blog, please contact our Director of Social Media, Amanda Breedlove at amanda.j.breedlove@gmail.com.


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