Schey Spotlight: FAQs About Recruitment and Joining The Schey Sales Centre

So you’re thinking about joining the Schey Sales Centre and you have some questions – no problem. Below is the key information we think you should know before beginning your recruitment (New Hire) process.

  1. What is The Schey?
    The Schey is the best decision you will make in your college career. Period.Okay, but in all seriousness, the Schey Sales Centre from the outside looking in, is one of the first and highest ranked sales programs in the nation, but on the inside, we view it a bit differently. To us the Schey is our springboard into the real world, our second family, our personal support staff and the little voice in our heads saying “keep going,” “reach your goals” and “never settle.”Ultimately, the Schey is a student-run business where we, the students, are the final product being put out into the world. At the end of our journey with the Schey, we have real world experience, a network of over 700 alumni all over the world, a professional sales certificate in hand and confidence in knowing we will succeed.
  2. Why should I join?
    You should join the Schey to establish, refine and perfect the skills necessary to survive in the professional working world by working with a variety of companies, many of which are in the Fortune 500 category. Along with this, the Schey is built on a business to business 18 credit hour sales curriculum where you will actually be taught how to drive a sale from beginning to end. Additionally, the Schey offers several outside the classroom events and leadership opportunities that will help you discover your personal strengths and continue to grow as a young professional. For more on the curriculum and outside the classroom events, check out numbers 6 and 7.
  3. How do I apply?
    To apply for the Schey Sales Centre, you must fill out the online application, as well as turn in a resume and a copy of your most recent DARS, indicating an overall GPA of a 2.75 or higher to the Schey Sales Centre office, Copeland 201 by the deadline, during which time you will also sign up for a one-hour interview slot. Additionally, you must attend the pre-interview dinner.
  4. What’s the point of the pre-interview dinner?
    We treat our recruitment, or new hire process if you will, much like most real world companies will treat you when they’re looking to hire you. Starting with a paper/online application process, followed by a pre-interview dinner to size you up a little bit and then finally the actual interview process. This is in no way meant to be intimidating or scary, just simply our way of getting to know you on a bit more of a personal level before the professional interview that will take place in the following days.
  5. What is a Partner and who are some of the Schey’s Partners?
    Partners are real world companies who believe in the Schey and the “product” we are able to produce. These companies pay us thousands of dollars a year to come recruit salespeople and interns directly from our program. Let me repeat that, they pay us to recruit from us! Hello people, if that’s not a good indication of the strength of our program, I’m not sure what is.Currently we have 46 Partners from a variety of industries. For our potential engineering recruits, there is Lanxess, Kroff and Actuant. Interested in technology? Awesome, so is EMC, hp, Apex and iSqFt. Oh, you’re a journalism major? I’m sure Alliance Data, the Gannett Media Network of Central Ohio, RevLocal and PR Newswire would look pretty good on your resume. All I’m trying to say is, no matter where your interests lie, I promise we have a Partner that will tickle your fancy.For a full list of our Partners, click here. And remember, just as we’re trying to recruit you right now, we are also constantly marketing ourselves and looking to recruit new Partners, so this list is constantly growing.
  6. What are some examples of outside the classroom events that are offered?
    As a New Hire of the Schey, you will have access to thousands of dollars worth of personal assessments for free, including an MBTI Training, StrenghsFinder and the Chally Assessment. And then the actual events include:
    Alumni Experience Day: an opportunity to network with some of our amazing Schey alum
    Transitions Workshop: a guide for students to get from their learning years, to their earning years
    Career Development Workshop: an opportunity to ask questions of current sales professionals
    Etiquette Dinner: provides candidates the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of dinner etiquette in a professional environment
    Communication Competency Workshops (2): workshops aimed at helping improve candidates’ abilities to effectively communicate professionally, while keeping culture differences in mind
  7. What is the Schey curriculum (class requirements)?
    Required Courses:
    – MKT 3580 – Foundations of Professional Sales
    – MKT 4680 – Consultative Sales
    – MKT 4780 – Sales Strategy & Technology
    – MKT 4910 – Sales Internship*One Course From:
    – MKT 4250 – Business to Business Marketing
    – MKT 4580 – Sales ManagementOne Cross Disciplinary Elective From:
    – COMS 1030 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking
    – COMS 2060 – Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
    – COMS 2150 – Argumentative Analysis and Advocacy
    – COMS 2020 – Communication and Persuasion
    – ET 2800 – Engineering and Technology – Overview
    – FIN 2020 – Foundations of Financial Management
    – JOUR 2500 – Introduction to Strategic Communication
    – PHIL 1300 – Introduction to Ethics
    – SASM 4350 – Sport Promotion and Sales ManagementFor more information on the class options, click here.*Most candidates receive internships from our Partners, that’s the whole reason they’re paying to recruit from our program
  8. What are the leadership opportunities in The Schey?
    There are countless leadership opportunities within the Schey, so lets start from the top down. At the head of the organization are the Chair & Vice Chair. Directly under them is the Cabinet, which consists of the Vice President of Communications, the Vice President of Professional Development, the Vice President of Candidate Advancement and the Vice President of Corporate Development. The Cabinet then oversees the Candidate Advisory Council (CAC), which acts as the student voice within the Schey Sales Centre. Then under the CAC are positions like Account Managers, Exell sales representatives and direct secretaries of the CAC.For a photo/flow chart representation of our leadership positions, click here.
  9. How would this look on a resume?
    In short, fantastic. Not only would it show that you’re involved on campus, but with a well-known professional organization. Some examples are as follows:For someone who does not hold a leadership position:
    The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre – Candidate
    – Candidate of one of the nation’s best competitive entry sales programs
    – Working through a B2B sales curriculum, which includes three professional role plays
    – Participate in several workshops, including topics such as how to better understand myself as a salesperson and how to communicate effectively across culturesFor someone who holds a mid-level leadership position:
    The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre – Account Manager
    – Work directly with and serve as the primary point of contact for 3 Partners, including HR Butler, Merrill Lynch and Quicken
    – Regularly update said Partners with everything going on in the Schey
    – Offer support in anything Schey related

    For someone who holds a high-level leadership position:
    The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre – Chair
    – Leader of a student-run sales organization made up of 290+ Sales Certificate Candidates and 40+ Corporate Partners
    – Work closely with the Executive Director and Support Staff to define the vision for the Schey Sales Centre
    – Grow success of the organization through communication with divisional VP’s and 40+ student leaders

  10. Will there be food?
    This may seem like a dumb question, but one you will hear quite a bit if you decide to join our program. And the answer is yes, there will (almost) always be food.
    Learn more about The Schey Sales Centre by visiting our website and attending one of our information sessions:
    Tuesday, January 20 from 7-9pm in Walter 145
    Wednesday, January 21 from 7-9pm in Walter 145If you can’t make it to our info sessions and still have some questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line:
    Sales Centre Office: Copeland Hall, Office 201
    Phone: 740-593-2050

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