Communication Competency Part 2 Recap

Fall 2013 Schey Sales Centre Candidate Hayley McCandless recaps her thoughts on last nights Communication Competency Workshop Part 2:

First off, it is a very relevant workshop where Mark Orbe comes to speak about how to communicate with people who are similar and different from us. He teaches us to be mindful and aware of our non verbals, as well as how to develop shared meaning in order to create commonality and long term relationships.

The information he presented was really relevant, especially to the students of the Schey because in sales we are going to be put in positions with different people from all over and we need to be able to communicate appropriately. He easily relates the information to sales and to us as college students which makes it easy to pay attention for the entirety of the workshop. He is up to date with his information and uses stories from his own life which makes it easy to relate to. He is also educated and enthusiastic about what he is speaking about which makes it that much more worthwhile.

The workshop was also interactive so we were able to meet new people and see the differences among students who you think you are so similar to. The interaction makes it interesting to see the differences based off where people are from and their gender and religion, etc. Often times we think this is just applied to people from different countries or speak different languages, but there are huge differences among communication right here in Athens.

Overall, the workshop is a super relevant topic that should be emphasized more, especially with the way the world is growing and changing. Mark Orbe was an enthusiastic speaker that laid the topic out in a way that makes students want to learn more and in a way that is directed at sales.


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