Transitions is Monday, March 30! Don’t Miss Out!

On Monday, March 30 the Schey Sales Centre is hosting an event entitled Transitioning From Campus to an Amazing Career with Alan McMillan from 6-8:30 in Walter Hall Room 235.

This event is not targeted toward how to get jobs. We are Schey Sales Centre students – of course we are going to get jobs. This event is targeted towards obtaining skills on how to build your brand and network to then be able to utilize in a job search to get multiple offers and create a model to make that decision process easier. With choice comes advantage to leverage both logic and emotion in this decision process. Ideally you want to position yourself to get a job that’s not only a job, but a strategic first step to an amazing career.

Some of you may say, “I already have a job, this event doesn’t relate to me.” Wrong. This event will also cover how to use the job searching skills taught in the first part of the event to apply to internal role navigation. Essentially using these skills to move up and over within your company to boost your career and make you as successful as you can be.

Following the after learning how to move up in your company, Alan will go over what to do if you get fired or laid off. Chances are that it will happen at least once in your career. Alan will teach us how to not freak out and instead confidently use the process he will lay out to use that fear to drive yourself into getting a job that was better than the one you already had.

Finally, a majority of us in the Schey are not seniors and may think this event doesn’t apply to us. Wrong again. Alan will teach us timeless skills that can be utilized no matter what class we are in. Though most underclassmen will think that they are too far out to start worrying about this, most seniors will tell you that they wish they had started learning these skills much earlier to get a leg up in the competition. Take advantage of this event and better yourselves for the future!

Throughout the past, this event has been voted one of the most beneficial events to attend throughout the year. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. So RSVP NOW and I will see you all there!

For a sneak peak at this event, check out these videos we did with Alan:

This blog was a guest post by VP of Professional Development, Amy Pierce.

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