With the summer flying by, we are more than excited to get back to campus and recognize the accomplishments our candidates have achieved since we departed in May. Many of our candidates had the opportunity to intern with some of our one of a kind corporate partners this summer, and we wanted to share the inside scoop of their unique experiences within the Schey.

First off we have David Baxter, our Vice President of Candidate Advancement who had the privilege of interning with Quicken Loans this summer. David was very excited when explaining the environment he is working in and the responsibilities he goes about during his day to day experiences. With a fast-pace and frequently changing environment, David appreciates the constantly moving and highly energetic atmosphere. David says, “The atmosphere is absolutely electric! Everyone is willing to help you and wants you to succeed. It’s a culture that really rewards innovation and improvement.” By having the opportunity to attend daily executive leadership meetings, David is able to gain a high level of understanding for Quicken. On top of this, David is able to learn a lot about leadership in general and improve these skills everyone strives to master. He is able to put these leadership skills to the test by being a team captain of a summer entrepreneurship competition, and so far his team has been doing well! We are so happy to hear how positive your experience has been thus far with Quicken!

Next up is Delani Stopp, our Vice President of Corporate Development who has been loving her internship with Palmer Holland this summer. She assumes the responsibilities of working in Excel and Docstar, touches base with the outside Account Managers and helps them with sample follow ups, and travels with Outside Sales Representatives. Delani shares, “The most influential part of my internship has been getting the chance to travel with the Outside Sales Representatives. I’ve really gotten the chance to see what outside sales looks like and how to be successful in the chemical industry.” Palmer Holland has been an opportunity where Delani can make her experience as productive as possible. With Delani’s go-getter attitude, she made it clear the first day of her internship she wanted to see as many regions as possible and have as much outside experience as she could. She has seen progression on a continuous project she is working on regarding fixing a problem within a whiteboard wall in the office. This has required a lot of research and meetings with chemical experts at Palmer Holland, and she is excited about her work in progress. Overall, Delani shares it is very clear Palmer Holland wants you to succeed and gives you all the tools to make it happen. Go Delani!

Finally, we have Mario Dean, our Co-Director of Outside Sales who has spent his summer interning in Boston, Massachusetts with EMC. Mario’s first three weeks were spent in the classroom where he learned all the ins and outs of EMC Tech, the IT industry, and selling techniques. He was given exams and had to create numerous presentations. From there, Mario has been on the sales floor cold calling while continuing to train. Mario has really been able to grow his skills within the sales field from the amount of detailed training and the mock calls he has completed. Mario said the training was intense, but overall it was extremely rewarding. He shares, “My first appointment I set up was the biggest accomplishment I have ever had. Just the feeling of success after all of our hard work and training was amazing.” With a serious and driven atmosphere, Mario has been able learn a lot from his opportunity to intern for EMC. He has really enjoyed his experience thus far and cannot wait to see what else is in store. We can’t wait to see either!

These are just a few of the experiences our candidates work for within the Schey, and we are eager to get back to campus to hear what everyone has accomplished this summer. It is very exciting to hear such positive feedback and energy from our candidates that will kick-start our school year. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and continuing to make the Schey proud! 11774627_10204597692329466_680273062_n 11774469_10204597690769427_1590126138_n Contribute to The Schey Blog If you have a good idea for a blog topic, or would like to be a guest contributor for  The Schey Blog, please contact our co-directors of Social Media, Josh Massie or Katie Mooney.


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