2016 Schey Awards Recap

The end of the semester is a time to celebrate and reflect on everything that has been achieved. The Annual Schey Awards Banquet took place on April 11th in Schoonover 450, the weekly gathering place for all Schey candidates. While everyone within the Sales Centre deserves some type of award for the excellent work they put into making this the greatest sales program in the nation, there are a few individuals who deserve the spotlight for this past year.

We are so excited to welcome Greg Scott as our newest faculty member! Greg has done so many great things as co-chair during his senior year that we couldn’t just let him go and so we decided to keep him to ourselves. Greg will be serving as Project Manager of Executive Education and Research, Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University.

The following scholarships and awards were presented to our outstanding and gifted students this year:

  • Schey Scholarships – David Baxter, Bichelle Jefferies, Andre Whiteleather, and Stephenson Swan
  • Tom Starr Award – Avery (Pants) Pantaleano
  • Wycoff Scholarship – Paige Cuevas
  • Johnson and Cady “Doer” Award – Bethany Kormushoff
  • Axline Scholarships – Liz Cole and Andrew Hanus
  • Weidemer “Give Back” Leadership Award – Alex Stewart and Joe Dorsey
  • Alumni Scholarship – Jack Melick
  • Harbeitner Scholarship – Mike Wheeler
  • Larry and Sheila McHale Award – Sydney Wolff

The following scholarships are from our Sales Learning Partners:

  • Lanxess Scholarship – Delani Stopp
  • EMC Scholarship – Nate Kahn
  • Dish Scholarship – Barbie Ramey
  • Cincinnati Bell Scholarship – Greg Scott

The following scholarships are from our Sales Education Partners:

  • Alliance Data Scholarship – Mario Dean
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Scholarship – Erica Ytterbo
  • Nationwide Scholarship – Harley O’Flaherty
  • IGS Energy Scholarship – Liam Moore
  • Kroff Chemical Scholarship – Michael Balboa
  • Motorists Insurance Scholarship – Harrison Frost
  • Quicken Loans Scholarship – Taylor Rudolph

These are only a fraction of the outstanding students that the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre is comprised of. All faculty and staff are immensely proud of what has been accomplished by this great organization and cannot wait to see what is yet to come for this year!

With a new year comes a new Candidate Advisory Council. The selection process for each position wasn’t easy, but how else do you choose the best person for the role? Congratulations to everyone and we are all waiting in anticipation to see what astounding things you can help the Schey accomplish this year!

  • Co-Chair – Dave Baxter
  • Co-Chair – Stephenson Swan  
  • VP of People – Avery Pantaleano
    • Director of Recruitment – Nicole Bolzan
    • Director of Onboarding – Michael Buckles
    • Director of Engagement – Bethany Kormushoff
    • Director of Diversity – Bichelle Jefferies
  • VP of External Relations – Andre Whiteleather
    • Director of Partner Relations – Alex Rado
    • Director of Alumni Relations – Taylor Rudolph
    • Director of First Impressions – Andrew Hanus
  • VP of Operations – Eric Ytterbo
    • Director of Curriculum – Elizabeth Cole
    • Director of Facilitation – Daniel Hopwood
    • Director of Toastmasters – Jackie Andrascik
  • VP of Marketing – Liam Moore
    • Director of Advertising – Gus Thieken
    • Director of Social Media – Courtney Montanye
    • Director of Corporate Research – Nate Cox
  • VP of Strategic Initiatives – Sydney Wolff
    • Director of Coach and Candidate – Brandon Skeen
    • Director of Philanthropy – Abby Leppert
    • Director of Annual Events – Kelly Specht
  • VP of Collaborations – Paige Cuevas
    • Director of Junior Achievement – Monica Acon
    • Director of Exsell – Mike Wheeler



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