Meet David Baxter!

At the end of each year, a new cabinet is elected by candidates of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre. There are hundreds of truly outstanding students within the organization but only two people can become a co-chair. To be eligible to run for Co-Chair, a member must have previously served on Candidate Advisory Council and have an obvious passion for the Schey.

David Baxter, one of this year’s Co-Chairs, is a Senior from Willoughby Hills, Ohio. He is studying Organizational Communication, Marketing, and Sales. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him, you’d see that he is passionate about leadership, public speaking, and influence. David was the first place winner of the First Annual Schey Talks, held on March 23 at the Athena Cinema. He spoke about creating “your own personal board of directors,” which means that we all need people who uplift us and draw forth our best.

David will spend his summer as an intern for the CEO of Quicken Loans in Detroit, Michigan. Throughout this role, David will be doing the following:

  • Manage projects
  • Coordinate events
  • Assist with setup and organization of team meetings
  • Conduct research on various items and provide findings
  • Explore new things going on in and around Detroit
  • Organize and maintain spreadsheets, paper documents, and electronic files
  • Assist with and implement new team processes and/or help to improve current processes to ensure team is operating as efficiently as possible
  • Utilize a creative mindset to provide ideas and support for the team

As you can tell, this position is going to keep David pretty busy. However, he believes there are plenty of perks that come with this role. David will have the opportunity to travel, hands-on experience, numerous networking opportunities, a flexible work schedule, and the ability to see into all the various business areas of Quicken Loans with oversight from the CEO.

This is actually the second summer that David has spent interning at Quicken Loans. His ideal job is to be in sales for a few years, eventually progressing into leadership roles (which should be no issue for him, we’re sure).

Dave Baxter

“You can accomplish amazing things, but you can’t do it alone.” – David Baxter


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