Meet Our VPs! Part 2

I promised we’d be back with the second round of VPs!

After a little reformation to the structure of the Schey’s Candidate Advisory Council, we now have six Vice Presidents:

  • VP of People
  • VP of External Relations
  • VP of Operations
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of Strategic Initiatives
  • VP of Collaborations


This week, the spotlight is focused on the second half of the VPs.

Liam Moore – VP of Marketing  

The summer is about half way over and Liam has had quite a time already. He spent the first month of his summer studying in Italy (hopefully he brought back a souvenir for all of CAC).

For the rest of the summer, he’ll be working as a Group and Corporate Sales Intern for Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment in Bridgeport, Connecticut, who own Webster Bank Arena. Throughout his stay there, Liam will be working to help sell suites, season tickets, individual tickets, and advertising rights to different individuals and companies within the community. Additionally, he will be working to suggest and assist in the planning of in-game promotions and entertainment for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, a minor league hockey team affiliated with the NHL’s New York Islanders.

Because this is such a small organization, Liam gets quite a bit of flexibility in his role, allowing him to branch out within numerous sales and marketing roles.

Sydney Wolff – VP of Strategic Initiatives

Sydney is an upcoming sophomore studying Management and Strategic Leadership, Marketing, and Management Information Systems. In addition to her commitment to The Schey, Sydney is also a class representative for the College of Business Honors Program and a member of Delta Gamma Fraternity.

Sydney will be spending her summer on the back of a horse (the exact way she learned her impeccable leadership skills prior to Ohio University). She will work as a leadership counselor for the Upper School at Culver Summer Schools and Camps where she will manage a military cavalry unit comprised of almost 40 young women who speak English, Spanish and Arabic.

Sydney is our very own self-proclaimed “leadership super-nerd,” which, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness her public speaking skills, you’d agree that title suits her well.

Paige Cuevas – VP of Collaborations

Paige is soon-to-be a junior and is studying Marketing. Paige has been actively involved within The Schey since she joined her freshman year and we have no doubt she will continue to do so.

Paige is going to be spending her summer with one of our corporate partners, IGS Energy in Dublin, Ohio, as a C/I Sales Intern. Throughout her stay at IGS, Paige will will be making 300+ dials a week to prospect customers, going through the full sales cycle with qualified leads, and participating in ongoing training focusing on electricity and natural gas.

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Paige and let’s just say that if something needs to get done, she’ll get it done on time and with expectations exceeded.

The talent and potential among our VPs this year is mindblowing. We eagerly await the extraordinary leadership powers from this year’s CAC and what each and every person is capable of accomplishing within The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre.





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