Internship Reflections

So your internship is over. Now what? Do you just go back home, pack up, and prepare for school?

Of course not. Now is the time to reflect on your struggles, your achievements, what you have gained in knowledge, and what you still want to learn.

As candidates in The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre, we were asked to to complete at least nine weekly reflections throughout our internships. We first had to list any achievement we conquered that week. Did you close your first sale? Did you create an outstanding presentation? It could be absolutely anything that you are proud of accomplishing and want to remember to mention in an interview.

I think that we can all agree that the most notable of accomplishments comes from that of our very own co-chair, David Baxter. As you read in our May 16th blog entry, David is interning at Quicken Loans for the CEO in Detroit, Michigan. On Tuesday, August 2nd, David and his team competed as finalists in a pitch competition with Quicken Loans and ended up taking first place (which was no surprise to any of us).

David probably had no trouble writing about his achievement for that week.

However, no one completes an internship without a few bumps in the road. A summer internship is a time to learn and grow and a few difficult endeavors are bound to emerge. Did you have a difficult time dealing with rejection from a customer? Did you struggle to use your creative side? These are not things to be ashamed of but moments one must use to learn and grow.

As salespeople, we are very goal-oriented which is why it comes as no surprise that the last item on the list was to set a goal for each week. Will you transform last week’s pain point into this week’s achievement? What will you focus on improving?
This internship portfolio is a fantastic way to reflect on what you can take away from your past nine or so weeks. But don’t stop there. Keep reflecting! Use the template to continue bettering yourself throughout the upcoming Fall Semester. We are The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre and we never stop improving.



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