Make This The Best Semester Yet

Welcome back to the great land of Athens, Bobcats! Summer is officially over and we are back for 15 weeks of hiking up the hills to class, late night chicken and waffle sandwiches, and navigating the brick-lined streets we hold near and dear to our hearts..

However, keep in mind what your mom always says: you are ultimately here to get an education. Sometimes it can be difficult to juggle all the responsibilities of being a college student while also trying to keep your sanity intact.  

I’m sure you would agree that everyone has a goal similar to maintaining a high GPA while also enjoying your days here on campus. While it is easy for some, others may have a more difficult time–but that’s why I’m here! I’m no expert but I can confidently say that if you follow these tips, this will be your most successful semester yet.  

  1.  Work Hard Play Hard

We are Bobcats and that means that we know how to get our work done and reward ourselves for it. Aim to get that paper done before the night prior to its due date. Study in chunks each night leading up to a test instead of all at once. Run for a leadership position in your organization. Work hard and the rewards will be plenty.

  1. Make a list

Some people are extremely blessed with the ability to make a mental list and actually remember what is on it. If you are like me, my memory fails me all too often. That’s why I keep lists. Keep a list of homework assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes, meetings, etc. You’ll never have to be that one guy who uses the excuse “I honestly just forgot.”

  1. Get a planner

Not a fan of lists? No problem. Planners can also help keep you organized. As soon as your professor mentions the date of a test or any other approaching deadline, write it down in your planner.  Avoid the awkward moment when everyone else has something to turn in and you’re empty-handed

  1. Stop procrastinating on not procrastinating

What I mean to say by that is that it’s finally time to stop holding off until the last minute. Get ahead of your tasks and keep it that way. Don’t wait for the sun to go down to get that paper done. I’m sure people have told how it’s not beneficial to stay up all night studying. They say it because it’s true and you need your sleep in order to retain all the information you stuffed into your brain. Don’t put things off this semester.

  1. Be adventurous

Athens contains and is surrounded by so many exciting things. The Hocking Hills are just a half hour drive away. Strouds Run (although the season for swimming is ending soon) is right up the road. Think of all the food you haven’t tried in Athens! Don’t limit yourself this semester. Branch out and indulge in everything Southeast Ohio has to offer.
These are obviously just a few suggestions, but I’m positive that there are plenty of other tried and true methods. Put them to the test and get out there to make this the best semester yet!


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