Welcome Home!


The most wonderful time of the school year is upon us, as we welcome back our alumni from around the country who continue to call Ohio University home.

It’s homecoming week in Athens, bringing thousands of Bobcat families, friends, and alumni home to this beautiful campus. Between the falling leaves and the sound of the Marching 110 blaring from Peden Stadium, this weekend is full of Bobcat pride that spans through many generations. Alumni from decades ago will return to the bricks they once walked on daily, and our beloved class of 2016 will come back as alumni for the first time.

At the Schey Sales Centre, we welcome back our alumni with welcome arms both this weekend, as well as many others throughout the year. They not only come back to stroll down memory lane and visit with old friends; they return as recruiters, sales managers, and executives at their companies. They come back to share their Schey stories to the current candidates, to inspire the future of the corporate world.


It is this passion for the Schey Sales Centre, extending past their four years here and into their professional careers, that drives the program to success. Our strong alumni base helps connect current students with leaders in their field, because they trust the attitude, drive, and work ethic that the Schey students possess. The preparation that each student receives is unlike any other experience, and is what connects current Schey students and alumni.

Here at the Schey, we love seeing our alumni come back and share their success stories with current members. We appreciate each and every visit, and hope to see even more familiar faces soon!

So let’s kick this Homecoming 2016 week off how we know best, work hard then play hard, and get ready to welcome our incredible alumni with open arms this Friday.

Go Bobcats!




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