Schey Students Sell Symposium

In preparation for the 19th Annual Schey Sales Symposium, senior sale certificate candidates are putting their knowledge into action and competing to sell seats and tables at the event.  

As part of Professor Matt Cacciato’s consultative sales course, senior sales students must work through a sales cycle and sell symposium tickets to professionals within their team’s respective industry.

The class has been divided into several sales teams and assigned to a specific industry. The industries include insurance, media, IT, automotive, medical, hospitality and banking. Students are now responsible for researching their industry, generating leads, building relationships, solving needs and reaching their team’s sales quota before the big event on November 3rd.

In order to maximize their sales efforts, students have been leveraging their Bobcat alumni base, utilizing tools like LinkedIn and Email Hunter, while practicing traditional cold calling techniques.

This symposium project allows the sales students to network with professionals in the field and provides them a real selling experience. It is also an example of one of the many ways the Schey Sales Centre encourages student development in and out of the classroom.  

For more information on the 19th Annual Schey Sales Symposium, visit


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