How Will You Spend Your Schey Summer?

The search for summer internships are in full swing for the Schey Sales Centre’s members as many are landing interviews with potential future employers. Finding the perfect internship or job can be quite a struggle because time spent researching and interviewing leads to a stressful process. Many of our Schey members are already landing internships with major companies!

Schey Sales Junior, Bichelle Jeffries, is experiencing nothing but success as she interns with sales learning partner, Cincinnati Bell. Bichelle works in the business market by managing accounts for businesses in the tristate area. She interned with Cincinnati Bell this past summer and has decided to return this summer due to the superb culture and experience she contracted from interning there.

Internships are the perfect way to gain experience you can’t learn in the classroom. Don’t worry if you aren’t entirely sure what internship you want to pursue, it’s only October. Emily Deering, a Schey sophomore, recently underwent a phone interview with sales learning partner Dish One. Emily’s amazing personality and the passion to learn easily influenced Dish One to extend an internship offer to her. Although this opportunity was amazing, Emily decided that door to door sales was not for her and she wanted to pursue another internship that suited her, which is extremely important.

Remember, apply for every internship that you are interested in; the more options the better. Find the companies that interest you and research to learn if the company’s job and culture fit what you want! Schey member, Brandon Skeen, is keeping his options open and pursuing many different companies. After a recent and successful internship with sales recruiting partner, Palmer Holland, Brandon is now looking to pursue sales education partner, IGS Energy, and sales learning partner, Cincinnati Bell. Brandon sees himself working at these two companies after college and states that if you don’t see yourself working at a company full-time, then you should not commit to intern there.

Be prepared, know what you want out of a company, keep your options open, and be passionate so that you will have the best internship that will benefit your future!


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