Diversity Initiative

It is common within the College of Business for students to know what the Schey Sales Centre is, but for other colleges within the university, it may not be so obvious. Of course the Schey awards students with a sales certificate upon completion of the program, however, the Schey also provides students with numerous networking opportunities, weekly professional development workshops, and an opportunity to build their brand.

The Schey Sales Centre’s Director of Diversity, Bichelle Jeffries, believes that diversity is really important because with it, the Schey is able to get different perspectives on numerous aspects of the organization and suggestions on how to improve the program. To recruit people of diverse backgrounds, she reaches out to student organizations that cater to diverse audiences. With help of liaisons, they organize recruiting events to spread awareness of Schey to the people our message does not typically reach and get in front of potential candidates.

Diversity is more than skin deep, and can apply to anyone who has unique traits or different experiences within an environment. To get some information about the non-College of Business majors that are in the Schey, I made a survey asking their year in school, college they are enrolled in, and why they decided to join the Schey. Out of the responses I got, most non-College of Business majors were enrolled in the Scripps College of Communication, followed by Russ College of Engineering and Technology. The top responses I got for why they decided to join the Schey included professional development, networking opportunities, and the Schey’s great reputation on campus and to employers. Respondents also agree that they have to sell themselves in order to get into the workforce post-graduation, and the Schey is helping them do that.

This being said, tell your friends about the Schey! Not only is it a resume builder, but they are able to be around motivated students just like them and they are able to meet employers from numerous companies, ultimately receiving networking opportunities from the number one sales program in the country. If you see a liaison around campus, don’t be shy; get some information and we hope you join the Schey!


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