Schey Thanksgiving

It is easy to get stressed and feel overwhelmed as the semester comes to an end but as Thanksgiving approaches, it brings us back to thoughts and memories of good things that have happened over the year. We think about the good choices we have made and even some of the events that did not go as planned. It reminds us of the great opportunities we have had and the people who helped us along the way.

The Schey Sales Centre has given us all something to be thankful for this year. The Schey gave us an opportunity to meet new people that we never would have had the chance to meet, visit companies that seemed too out of reach, expand our sales knowledge, and be a part of the best sales program in the nation.

Members new and seasoned all have a common answer of the reason why they are thankful for the Schey, and that’s the word “opportunity.”

Madison Patton, new member of the Schey answered “For all the great opportunities it provides to grow personally and professionally.”

Morgan Matthews, who is also newly inducted in the Schey, answered “For the opportunity to meet people that are academically motivated like me.”

A seasoned member of the Schey, Courtney Montanye, answered “For the opportunities to expand myself beyond sales! I’ve been able to incorporate my love for social media to help the organization that I love so dearly grow its audience and expand the reach beyond just students here at OU.”

The common theme was “opportunity” and that is something that the Schey will continue to provide students, just as they have done in the past.

Being thankful is not something that should end on Thanksgiving Day but should be something that continues throughout the year. Thank the people that are helping you succeed whether they are in the background or in the spotlight. This just does not end with the Schey though, so make sure you thank your professors, mentors, and even the people in the Schey office for being a part of your journey this year.


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