Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell, a telecommunications company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been a partner of the Schey Sales Centre since spring of 2016. CB provides landline services, wireless telephone, internet access, and fiber optics.

Bryson Lair is a Cincinnati Bell Sales Manager. He recently joined us for a Monday night workshop and we took advantage of his presence to ask him why he decided to join CB and how his time there has been so far.

“After nearly two decades of leading a broadcasting sales organization, I decided to reinvent myself and join Cincinnati Bell Business. I did so because I wanted to be a part of the evolution and cultural enhancements that CBB was about to undergo. A move back downtown to our state of the art headquarters was the first step. Next up was redefining our sales force and mobilizing them with cutting edge technologies and that excited me and I wanted to take on that challenge. This is a company that is 143 years old, and competing with and winning technology driven business from some of the top tech companies out there. That is impressive and the energy and momentum that has shifted is contagious. We have long term relationships with our partners, and they trust us to lead them into the next decade in regards to unified communication and building the technology infrastructure ready for tomorrow’s business challenges. This is one of the region’s most impressive companies to be a part of!”

Needless to say, Bryson has been impressed with his time at CB and his decision to reinvent himself in a new industry paid off well.

One of our very own seniors, Bethany Kormushoff, spent her summer at CB as an intern. She was offered a full time position upon her graduation in April and here’s what she had to say when asked why she loved it there.

“The summer of 2016 was one of the best summer I’ve had thanks to Cincinnati Bell. I was excited, but also nervous to move to a new city with a new internship. The nerves quickly diminished after the first day in the office. Not only is Cincinnati Bell a great company, but the people that work there add so much value to day to day activities. My boss, Mike Perez, always made sure I felt comfortable in the office with the work I was doing. As an intern, I was given a real portfolio of customers I was able to work with. A unique part of the internship is how I was able to see the sales process from beginning, to middle, to end. I was able to contact customers, talk to them about our services, and send them contracts to sign. Not only were the interns heavily involved in the sales process, we were also able to get connected to the company outside of work. As interns, we played in the annual golf outing, went to Cincinnati Reds games, and taken to Skyzone. What’s great about Cincinnati Bell is that they really want to make the interns feel like real employees which is why I accepted a full time job for after graduation. The company culture really solidified the decision for me.”

It’s obvious that CB provided Bethany and the other interns that joined her with real-world experiences that she will be able to carry with her into her full-time position.

Since CB joined our organization at the beginning of 2016, they have been highly involved in events as large as the 19th Annual Schey Sales Symposium and as small as the Schey Games at the end of Spring Semester. We are thankful to have such a fantastic partner and we’re excited to see where this relationship goes!

You can visit Cincinnati Bell’s website here.


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