Cabinet Transitions

A new Cabinet is elected every year is the Schey, however, this election will take place twice in 2017. But why? We’re making a huge shift. Cabinet transitions have always taken place at the end of spring semester. This only leaves a few weeks for the new Co-Chairs and VPs to learn about their new role from the previous holder.

Very shortly after Cabinet is chosen, the Candidate Advisory Council is replaced. This means that Directors and VPs have very little time to bond as a team before spring semester ends, summer begins, and they all go their separate ways. Even though communication is still very possible between all members, the bond is much harder to form with these barriers as opposed to seeing each other in person a few times a week.

So here’s the plan for 2017:

Cabinet and CAC elections will take place as they normally do during this semester. Everything will run as it normally does until fall semester. Elections will happen again at the end of that semester.

Yes, this means whoever is given a position at the end of the semester will only hold that role for half a year.

Everyone who has expressed interest has been made aware of this and knows that this shift is only in the best interest of the Schey.

Last Monday, February 20th, those who were interested in a Cabinet position met with the current Cabinet to hear a little more about each role and what they entail. This is also when the announcement was made about the shift.

Nominations began on February 21st through an online forum. Nominations used to take place during a Monday Night Workshop, however, it is believed than online forum was much easier and accessible.

Nominations were announced on Monday, February 27th. Those who were nominated were then to accept up to three or decline their nominations through emails with our current Co-Chairs, Dave and Stephenson.

The first Monday Night Workshop after returning from Spring Break, March 13th, Co-Chair and VP nominees will give speeches. Those running for VP will be allotted three minutes and those for Co-Chair will be given five minutes. Members of the Schey will be given the opportunity for vote for each role at this time.

Throughout that week, interviews for cabinet will take place with existing cabinet members. Those who are elected will be notified on March 18th and the rest of the Schey will be told on March 20th.

The process for the Candidate Advisory Council will begin directly after the new Cabinet members are announced.  The directors will be chosen before April 10th.

Although the upcoming Cabinet and CAC will only have half a year to hold their position, Dr. Adam Rapp assures them that they will have a full year’s worth of work on their shoulders.


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