Alliance Data

Alliance Data has been a partner of the Schey Sales Centre since 2008, and continues to attract many students each year from the Schey for both their internship and post-graduate full-time opportunities. Alliance Data is a leading provider of loyalty solutions for branded credit programs, as they are the powerhouse behind thousands of branded credit programs in a variety of industries around the world! From retail, jewelry, and home décor, to travel and entertainment, some of the nation’s largest corporations rely on Alliance Data to provide tailored marketing solutions that will resonate best with their loyal customers. Alliance Data is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the U.S., confirming the world-class culture for which the company is known.

Since joining the Schey, Alliance Data has attracted many Bobcats to their highly-rated internship program, and many students who intern there return to Alliance Data after graduation to work full-time! Most recently, senior Erica Ytterbo accepted a full-time position in the ICE program in Columbus, OH, and looks forward to continuing with the company where she interned last summer!

This past summer I had pleasure of interning at Alliance Data in Columbus, Ohio. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had because I was able to find not only myself, but where I wanted to go in the future as a young professional. I got to experience the energizing, team-based culture and couldn’t have asked for a better group of interns and people to work with. Everyone was so willing to help whether it was with my intern projects, or just helping me figure out where I could potentially be a fit at Alliance for full-time. By the end of the summer I gained amazing friends, mentors, and coaches who all helped me realize there was no better place for me than Alliance Data. I ended up receiving an offer for the ICE rotation and I couldn’t be more excited to begin there full-time in July!”

Another Schey Sales Centre alum who has been working at Alliance Data since graduation is former cabinet member, Brittany Somerville. Brittany also interned at Alliance Data prior to her senior year, went through the ICE program upon graduation, and is now working full-time in client partnerships.

“My Freshman year I was introduced to Alliance Data by my peer mentor at the Schey Career Fair. Back then, I didn’t know that a company I’d never heard of could be where I found my dream role, but after spending my Junior year summer interning with Alliance Data I knew it was the place for me.

Beyond learning the basics of the role, the internship emphasized collaborating with other interns, giving back through philanthropy events, and having fun. I made a lot of new friends and even more amazing memories, which is why I decided to sign on full-time to the rotation program. The rotation program gave me an opportunity to take a 6 month deep-dive into the business by working on different teams and allowed me to get a feel for my place in the organization. I knew what I wanted in a role–the creative component of Marketing, the analytical aspect of Finance and the influencing side of Sales, and the rotation program helped me land a job that gave me all of that on an Account Team.

Today I’m on a team that I love in a role that plays to my strengths. If it wasn’t for the Corporate Sponsorships that the Schey has or the sales training that allowed me to stand out in a crowd, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

I am proud to say that this summer I will be joining the family of Bobcats at Alliance Data in Columbus, Ohio with an internship in Client Partnerships. This company has been one that has stood out to me since I first joined the Schey in 2015, and I am honored to have the opportunity to experience working for Alliance Data first hand. After hearing the experiences of many Bobcat alumni like Erica and Brittany, I know that this internship will give me the sales, marketing, and account management skills needed to succeed in my future career!

Thank you, Alliance Data, for your continued support of our program!


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